Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cost of Laser Hair Removal

 “What will it cost” is the most asked question regarding laser hair removal. The cost for your own laser hair removal treatment will be unique to your situation. The total cost is based on the size of the treatment area, skin color, hair color and thickness, and how many treatment sessions are needed to reach optimal results. Costs will also vary between geographical areas and from one laser center to another. A consultation prior to treatment is necessary in order to assess your personal treatment plan. Treatment costs can range from $75 per session for small areas up to $1000 per session for large areas. Multiple sessions are usually required. Smaller areas such as the upper lip will cost less and larger areas such as the legs will cost more. Average costs for a series of sessions to treat the bikini line or underarms is in the $900 range while a mans back is in the $5000 range. Laser Hair Removal Brazilian more helpful hints


The pricing structure for laser hair removal can vary from center to center, but most times the total cost is the same at the end. Laser centers can charge a flat fee, fee by time, or fee per pulse. Before treatment, arrange a consultation visit. At this appointment, you will discuss the area you want treated, have the procedure explained in detail, and will receive a price quote based on your individual treatment plan. Ask if all charges are included in the price given, or if any additional costs can be expected.


Some laser hair removal centers use a flat fee basis. Treatment cost is a set amount and does not vary based on your individual body hair growth pattern. It could be a flat fee per treatment or a flat fee on a package of treatments.


Some laser hair removal centers charge per 15 minute segments. The cost of hair removal will be determined by the size of the treatment area and the amount of hair to be removed, as well as the speed of the laser technician and the speed of the laser machine. An upper lip can take only 5-10 minutes, legs can take 1 to 1-1/2 hours, while a mans chest can take 30 minutes and a mans back can take 1 hour.